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Baseband Identification and Detection System

Defence »  Baseband Identification and Detection System (BIDS)

The Baseband identification & Detection System (BIDS) consists of Signal Processing Hardware housed in an industrial – Grade 19” rack mountable PC. The application software on the PC provides the necessary GUI for signal analysis / display of the identified parameters.
The IF Signal (455 KHz) is down – converted and analyzed in the digital domain and demodulation is carried out. The voice signal will be made available at audio port. Digital data will be made available at a data port and also will be stored in a file for storage and off line processing.

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The signal analysis:
  • The IF signal at 455 KHz will be converted into Digital format and digital down- conversion is done.
  • The DDC output is analyzed in spectral and temporal domains to identify the type of modulation.
  • Removal of unused timeslots
  • Based on the type of modulator, the demodulation is done and the baseband signal is obtained.
  • Signal analysis is performed on the baseband signal and if required, baseband demodulation is carried out.
  • In the case of digital data, the code type and the baud rate are obtained.

The analyzed parameters are displayed on the display unit. The signal analysis software will analyze for all the parameters such as type of modulation, bandwidth of the modulating signal, baud rate etc.