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Data Logger with SS7

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System Overview

ICS offers a passive 16 duplex E1 (32 simplex E1 ports) interception system for automatic collection, analysis, recording and storage of traffic (voice, fax or modem data) and signaling information contained in all timeslots. The acquisition and storage capacity is not restricted to the estimated 75% traffic load as it may be higher. The system uses industry standard, 19” rack mounted, hardware probes and Multi-CPU/Multi-core Server platforms with Proven Operating Systems for acquisition, analysis and RDBMS ; along with rack mounted Modular Storage Arrays for storage and archival. The proposed system is expandable to accommodate more E1s and/or higher storage volumes. The load distribution in terms of E1 acquisition cards, processing cores and storage bays prevent single point of failure – leading to a very high MTBF, whereas the equipment modularity allows for rapid replacement / repair and low MTTR.
The subsystems are connected via Gig-E LAN which is sufficient to transport the captured traffic volume to the storage array as well as retrieve information (sessions) to an operator on the network; as well as allowing single point Administrator access. All signaling information extracted from the signaling time slots or in band signaling (C5), and channel activity parameters (timing parameters: start/ stop/duration; activity classification: voice/fax/image) is used to index the captured traffic information and stored as Call Detail Records. Additionally, external CDR can also be imported from specified sources for bulk analysis using Visual Analysis Tools.
Indexed sessions allow faster searches and retrieval using queries – that may be defined by the user. Queries against specific keywords will retrieve all text information containing such keywords.
Intercepted information can be filtered prior to recording as per defined interception criteria, which may be specific or fuzzy Numbers of Interest, or open channels where specified or all bearer circuits can be intercepted.

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