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A single solution for both DCME identification / classification and decompression. DCME Interceptor is an unique in offering the most compact, fully featured DCME Interception. The DCME Interceptor design and implementation is the result of extensive experience in advanced hardware design, statistical voice analysis, voice compression, fax modulation/demodulation, data packetization, traffic-congestion handling and error Management.

DCME Interceptor is supplied in a compact rectangular chassis designed for locating within a standard 19 inch telecommunications equipment rack. DCME Interceptor is equipped with MRJ21 connectors to interface with up to 38 E1s and two 100base-T lines for management function. All cable connectors are located to the front of the enclosure for ease of access. The DSP based Central Processing Unit (CPU), High Capacity Line Interface Card (HLIC) and power modules are modular and can easily be inserted and/or removed from the front of the unit.

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DCME Interceptor