FDM Signal Analyzer

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The Frequency Division Multiplexing Signal Analyzer , Model No: ICS_FDMSA_PCI, is a DSP based PC add-on card to display the IF/FDM Base band spectrum on a PC monitor. It aids the operator in determining the FDM signal occupancy and accordingly program the FDM de-multiplexer in the Demux post. It consists of an indigenously developed PC add-on card that can be housed in a commercial-grade/industrial grade PC. This add-on card can be plugged into PCI slot of the PC motherboard. This card will be built around a Digital Signal Processor and consists of an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), Digital Down Converter (DDC), PCI interference and associated circuitry.

FDM Analyser and Demultiplexer  (FDMAD)

The FDM Analyser and Demultiplexer  (FDMAD) , system accepts FDM multiplexed signals in 150 Hz to 20 MHz range and carries out spectral Analysis, Scanning, Demultiplexing, SSB Demodulation and Analysis of demodulated signal. The system is capable of Demultiplexing input FDM Baseband signal into 24 distinct voice grade channels which may contain either voice or digitally modulated data. Any two audio outputs are available locally to the stereo headphones. The system offers a remote controller interface by which the system can be operated from another terminal connected on the Local Area Network.

Features & Capabilities

  • Display of spectrum with selected frequency span and zoom with any selected Super Master group (SMG), Master Group (MG), Super group (SG) and Group for Standard FDM signal.
  • Measurement of Tone frequency, Bandwidth, Level and Level difference.
  • Conversion of input base band signal to a final IF centered at 8 KHz.
  • Carrying out spectrum scan and SSB demodulation.
  • Providing fine-tuning in 1 Hz step and Automatic Gain control (AGC) of the digitized data.
  • Reconstruction of 24 voice grade channels (VGC) into audio.
  • Reconstruction of any two selected voice grade channels (VGC) into audio for front panel headphone jack left and right channels.
  • Provision of necessary function selections on the front panel for scanning and demodulation operations.
  • Provision of remote control facility to send/receive commands/results/GUIs to any remote controller through Remote Interface (LAN).
  • Automatic signal analysis and classification up to 12 selected channels simultaneously.
  • Characterization of Signal as Voice / Data / Signaling Tones /Fax/ No activity.
  • Classification of Data signals into FSK / PSK / VFT-FSK / QAM & extraction of digital data.