Narrow Band Signal Analyzer

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The Analysis & Recording Module , Model No. ICS-ARM-01 is a one-stop solution for Narrow Band Communication Signal Analysis. In addition to the analysis of Communication Signals at IF/AF level, the enhanced features of ARM lie in its capability to recognize, demodulate and decoding of variety of digital communication signals to assist the gathering of communication intelligence from unknown, non-cooperative transmitters/emitters. Recording/Replay of Signals at IF/AF level with time stamping and annotation proves the ARM Operator-friendly and finds wider range of usage in military and paramilitary applications. ARM is designed and engineered around a Rugged Power PC Processor meeting the stringent environmental and EMI/EMC specifications for ground based, ship borne and airborne applications. Modularity in the design of ARM enables the stacking of multiple modules to enhance the analysis of multi channel and multi signal environment.