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There are other miscellaneous products developed by ICS, depending on the clients’ requirement.

  • ICS Status Extension Unit can read three different alarms and generate three audio and visual alarms. SEB can read PFC alarm or a potential contact. Three different color LED's are used for the indication of 3 visual alarms. One buzzer is provided for audio alarms. It will generate 3 different cadences for the 3 audio alarms. If, more than one alarm is present at a time, audio alarm will be given for the highest priority alarm. A reset switch is provided for the audio alarms, which can reset the audio alarm until new alarm comes. It will works on -48V DC supply. The size of the box is 200 x 180 mm.
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  • BALUN 75-120 Ohms
  • arm
    ICS BALUN converts 120 Ohms Balanced Twisted pair Co-axial to 75 Ohms Unbalanced co-axial. The Insertion loss of the module is < 0.01 db.

    These transformers have been specifically designed to be used on 2.048 Mbps interface applications. They fulfill the ITU-T G.703 and other wave shape, return loss and balance requirements.

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