IF Signal Analysis

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Designed to provide users with friendly and clear visual monitoring device that can be easily fitted in a standard 19” rack. It supports bright active matrix TFT LCD Display in an elegantly designed heavy duty housing. It allows wide viewing angle. Excellent display quality is supported by a maximum contrast ratio of 700:1and a resolution up to 1024(H) /768(V) pixels for 15”LCD versions. It can be connected easily to a computer through standard VGA interface. Before analyzing, the intercepted signals are down converted to lower sample rate using programmable DDC. Analysis starts with Center frequency offset correction. AMR (Automatic modulation recognition) is applied on the digitized signal to find the type of modulation. We have developed Fuzzy logic statistical feature based technique, Modulation recognition using moments estimation, classification using spectrum analysis and classification using wavelet transform. AMR is followed by the modulation parameter estimation. Then respective non-coherent and asynchronous demodulations techniques are applied to extract the message signals. Envelope Detector for amplitude related demodulations, Frequency discriminator for frequency related demodulations and Costas loop for phase related demodulations are implemented. Algorithms are highly optimized to meet the stringent time constraint environment.