RADAR Data Acquisition & Processing

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The RADAR Signal Acquisition, Conditioning and Processing System   (RADAR SACPS) acquires atmospheric RADAR return signals at 206.5 MHz. It performs signal processing and extraction of Wind parameters such as Wind speed, Wind direction and Wind velocity. It involves Online and Offline signal processing. The Online Processing System involves Decoding and Coherent Integration and the Offline Processing System involves Normalization, Windowing, Fourier analysis, Power spectrum analysis, Incoherent Averaging, Spectrum cleaning, Noise level estimation, Moment’s calculations, UVW and Wind parameters calculations. ICS1554 PCI-X is used for real time signal acquisition and conditioning. Offline Signal Processing of real time data is performed under Linux platform.

Features & Capabilities

  • FPGA based Decoding using “Bi-phase Complementary Code” and Coherent Integration.
  • Fast Fourier transform up to 1024 with frequency resolution of up to 0.1 Hz.
  • Front panel allows different parameter selections like number of Beams, Scan Cycles, Coherent Integration,FFT points, Spectral Averaging and PRF, Pulse Width, Coding & Decoding etc., based on atmospheric turbulence for processing different types of signals.
  • IQ and spectrum data are stored using NETCDF file format.
  • Provision to analyze NETCDF file format and NARL files, using Offline signal processing.
  • GUI displays 1, 3 and 5 beams for following parameters like In-phase and Quadrature data, Power spectrums, Signal trace, Moments (i.e. 0th Moment, 1st Moment and 2nd Moment), UVW components, Wind parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, wind velocity.