Digital Audio & Data Recorder

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The Digital Audio & Data Recorder (DDAR) is a HDD/CD based multi channel audio recorder developed on 19" rack mountable rugged industrial PC platform with 3U height.

Features & Capabilities

  • Stand alone unit and Total Indigenous Technology
  • Audio input from any analog source (Microphone, Tape Recorder, Radio)
  • Ethernet/RS-232 Data Recording/Replaying
  • Voice Annoatation for 4 receiver channels and Data Annoatation for 4 data channels

  • File formats: Audio : .wav (default), .mp3 (Compressed and Backup); Data : .dat,.zip
  • Simultaneous Recording and replay of both Audio and Data
  • Dynamic Channel selection for replay and selection of specific portion of a file for replaying
  • Book marking while recording / replaying along with the Text Annotation
  • Fixed and continuous recording
  • GPS time Synchronization
  • PC based Player to replay backup files from DDAR
  • Automatic Date/Time stamping for recorded file
  • Editing of pre-recorded audio files
  • Backup of audio and data files into CD/Flash Drive
  • Replay the recorded files with jump-back-play or original playback.
  • Generating a chunk file for every half an hour, while recording.
  • Audio and Data Compression: Activity based recording and Compression algorithms