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Technique Counter Modulation Generator

Defence »  Technique Counter Modulation Generator(TCMG)

The Technique Counter Modulation Generator(TCMG), is meant for generating modulated signals with assorted types of modulations and modulating signals in the frequency range of 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz with a resolution of 1 Hz by taking commands from an external controller unit. The system is developed using state of the art technologies like Direct Digital Synthesizer, Programmable Digital Attenuators, Phase locked Oscillators, high stability OCXOs and Digital Signal Processors. The system has the capability of working as a standalone system when the local mode is selected. The high stability reference oscillator output of the system can be used as external reference input to the other systems. The system features very high stability, resolution and response time.

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Main Features

The Technique Counter Modulation Generator (TCMG) has four basic sub-systems namely Controller Unit, Exciter, Direct Digital Synthesizer and RF sub-system, the basic building blocks of the system. The Controller Unit will be a processor-based module to control the other modules such as DDS, RF Front end, Burst Detection System & Look Through Subsystem (LTS), Display & Keypad. The system will be capable of handling generation and look through functions simultaneously.

The analyzed parameters are displayed on the display unit. The signal analysis software will analyze for all the parameters such as type of modulation, bandwidth of the modulating signal, baud rate etc.

  • Deployment : Stand alone system or remote controlled
  • Technology : DSP based state of the art indigenous Technology
  • Capabilities: Capable of generating single/multi Frequencies up to a maximum of 16 selected in TDM manner with a switch over time of less than 20 micro seconds.
Modulating Signals (acceptable from external sources)
  • For Voice
    • Microphone Input
    • Tape Recorder Input
    • CD recorder / player input
  • For Data
    • . Externally generated data (Storage: 7000 Mtrs (Max))