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ADPCM Transcoder - Voice Compression Equipment

The 60 Channel ADPCM Transcoder is a state of the art solution for enhancing network connectivity in an extremely cost effective manner. A 60 Channel ADPCM Transcoder combines two conventional 2 Mbps PCM E1 trunks into a single E1 trunk catering for 60 channels by adapting ADPCM coding. The Transcoder accepts two 2 Mbps streams, termed as A&B, where voice channels are coded following A-law using 64 Kbps per channel and to convert these voice channels into one 60 channel ADPCM stream, termed as C, using 32 Kbps per channel. The reverse function of converting C stream into A&B streams is also achieved.

Variants :
  • 60 Channel ADPCM Transcoder - 6U, Model No:ICS-T-60ADPCM-APT-01
  • 60 Channel ADPCM Transcoder - 1U, Model No:ICS-T-60ADPCM-APT-02
Download Brochure 60ADPCM-6U
Download Brochure 60ADPCM-1U
ADPCM Transcoder