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VOIP Recorder (VOIPREC) is a customized software solution for recording the incoming and outgoing calls on a PC by configuring SPAN (mirror) port over the Router/Switch and compatible to both Windows and Linux Operating Systems. It will use hard disk as a primary medium for recording and it will store in .wav file format with start date and time, stop date and time and text annotation. It will provide search facility for searching file(s) by using various filters like start time, stop time and text annotation.

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  • Unique Features
    • Dynamic SPAN port configuration using SNMP over the Cisco Router
    • Recording VOIP Conversation
    • Time stamping for Recording
    • Playing back recorded files
    • Text annotation while recording
    • File search based on time stamp & text annotation
    • .wav format recording
    • Ease of management
    • Storage availability indicator
    • Configuration of Flash Drive through USB Port
VOIP Recorder